Centralized your Information

We have a great service to offer that will eliminate the need of having multiple copies one on each so you have your information on each computer. Now you do not have to spend and update all files and media to each computer. We can centralized your accounts and info so regardless of what computer you log on at your home or Business you will see your own desktop and all the information same as on one computer without duplicating files to multiple computers. All centralized data will be sitting at your Home or Business location so you do not have to give your data to third party to manage.

You have two options to

  1. We can invest 100% no cost to you upfront and you sign monthly subscription contract for one year minimum. Depending on how many computers and wireless devices the price starts as low as $20.90 per month.
  2. You can spend all the upfront cost one time fee and no monthly subscription.

Please note any monthly subscription will include the following.

  1. Any virus removal free of charge
  2. Manage accounts and data free of charge
  3. backups and restore free of charge
  4. Any other service such as Hardware issues and software issues will be charge Half of the regular price and the cost of the part if any needed.
  5. We will be responsible for backing up data and regular service maintenance free of charge.

To see more plans and pricing click here

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