September 6, 2016


We offer subscription of various plans so you can choose the one fits best with your needs. All of our plans includes PC backups, Creating and storing master Images. Free Virus Removal, Free fix to software or operating system. corruption. Basically we provide free support to any software problems based on initial setup. Any support beyond initial scope is free up to 15 minutes and after that half the price. Hardware support is not included. If hardware goes bad and need replacement you will pay full price of the part and half of our regular labor charges.We assure you a peace of mind and smooth work flow. Regardless of if you are a home user or small business or home office. We have plans that can fit your needs so you can perform your daily activities without worrying about the heavy cost of each repair.We may install equipment at your place with no charge to you to maintain your systems (PC’s) in order to provide you worry free computing experience.

Select Plan for PersonalĀ or Home